Collaborative Structure

Established in November 2019, the collaborative is led by Dr. Susan Swearer, Professor of Educational Psychology, and will be comprised of three working groups, organized around three key areas:

  1. Prevention and education;
  2. Intervention; and
  3. Policy, procedures, and practices.

Working groups, co-led by appointed faculty and staff members, will work together to identify action items (goals, strategies, and metrics) and provide them to the Chancellor by May 15, 2020. The collaborative will meet at a minimum once during the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semester. Subcommittees may meet as often as needed.

Workgroup 1: Prevention and Education
Co-Chair David Hansen Professor Psychology
Co-Chair Connie Boehm Director Big Red Resilience & Well-being
Member Tammy Beck Associate Dean College of Business
Member Paul Springer Chair Child Youth & Family Studies Education & Human Sciences
Member Lyn Seiser Pastor Association of Campus Religious Workers (ACReW)
Member Alice Mitwaruciu Counselor Counseling & Psychological Services
Member Kyla Gorji Director Human Resources/Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Member Ryan Fette Education & Outreach Coordinator Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Member Kelli King Director, WH Thompson Office of Undergraduate Education
Member Jeanne Keyser Assistant Director Residence Life
Member Pat Tetreault Director LGBTQA+ & Women’s Center
Member Josh Haby Graduate Student Psychology
Member Eli Soell Undergraduate Student Interfraternity Council (IFC)/Panhellenic Council
Member Mikayla Algeo Undergraduate Student Communication Studies
Member Emily Johnson Undergraduate Student and President Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN)
Workgroup 2: Intervention
Co-Chair Shari Stenberg Professor Faculty Senate/English
Co-Chair Kara Brandt Associate Director Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE)
Member Hassan Ramzah Police Chief UPD
Member Mehmet Can Vuran Susan J. Rosowski Professor Faculty Senate/Computer Science
Member Kevin Hanrahan Associate Professor Faculty Senate/Music
Member David DiLillo Professor Psychology
Member Sara Gervais Associate Professor Psychology
Member Sammi Cowger Dir of PEO Programs Athletics
Member Leigh Theideman Director Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Member Kelsey Yadon Career Advisor Explore Center/University Career Services
Member Beverly Russell Associate Director Center for Transformative Teaching
Member Joshua Keller Grad Student Nutrition & Health Sciences
Member Lexie Karkazis Student Panhellenic
Member Alyssa Jones Student PREVENT
Workgroup 3: Policies, Procedures & Practices
Co-Chair Jake Johnson Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Co-Chair Lisa Kort-Butler Associate Professor Sociology
Member Marco Barker Vice Chancellor Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Member Lorna Dawes Associate Professor Faculty Senate/Libraries
Member LJ McElravy Associate Dean Graduate Studies
Member Marc Pearce Associate Dean Law
Member Patrice McMahon Professor Honors
Member Brit Otte Clinical Manager University Health Center
Member Amanda Metcalf Assistant to the Dean UAAD
Member Marne Nelson Associate Director Education Abroad
Member Sam Goodin Director Services for Students with Disabilities
Member Michael Mass Compliance/Accreditation Manager UPD
Member Roni Miller Undergraduate Student ASUN
Member Eli Sherman Undergraduate Student PREVENT
Member Carmen Paniagua Undergraduate Student MGC/NPHC; Delta Xi Nu chapter president