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UNL's Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct Committee Report

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is committed to preventing sexual misconduct, responding when it occurs, and supporting any person who has been subjected to sexual misconduct. This collaborative report consists of an executive summary, a main report, and two appendices that include research and best practices for responding to sexual misconduct, and a social-ecological logic model for prevention and intervention in sexual misconduct.

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Fair, Equitable Trauma-Informed Investigation Training

Paper from Jeffrey J. Nolan, J.D., of the law firm Holland and Knight, LLP. The paper is a summary of best practices and guidance for sexual misconduct investigation training programs.

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Use Your Voice

Each Husker has a role to play in stopping sexual assault and relationship violence. Through the Use Your Voice initiative, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln strives to increase awareness of campus resources for prevention, reporting and support.

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