The Chancellor’s Student Committee on Sexual Misconduct serves as a student voice to the Campuswide Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct. The committee will provide student perspectives on programs, procedures and policies to inform prevention, education, intervention and policy work, helping to monitor and improve progress on university plans and commitments in the area of sexual misconduct. Representatives on the committee will include undergraduate, graduate and professional students.


The Student Committee is comprised of three working groups, organized around the three key areas:

  1. Prevention and education;
  2. Intervention; and
  3. Policy, procedures, and practices.

Working groups will meet throughout the spring semester to identify and prioritize issues, develop strategies, establish evaluation methods, and make recommendations, with the goal of creating an action plan and recommendations for Chancellor Green’s review and action by May 2020.

Workgroup 1: Prevention & Education
Co-Chair Emily Camp Psychological Studies in Education
Co-Chair Emily Johnson Political Science, Spanish, Global Studies
Member Andromede Uwase Integrated Science
Member Zoe Keese Mathematics
Member Falah Rashoka Nutrition and Health Sciences
Member Abigail Long Mathematics
Member Jennifer Barrett Political Science
Member Chelsey Wisehart Psychology, Communication Studies
Member Rebecca Rockefeller Geography
Member Alyssa Patil English
Workgroup 2: Intervention
Co-Chair Cassidy Spradlin Psychological Studies in Education
Co-Chair Lexie Karkazis Computer Science
Member Jessica Stump Political Science
Member Luz Sotelo Mechanical Engr & Applied Mech
Member Shyla Kallhoff Educational Administration
Member Samara Hillmer Criminology & Criminal Justice
Member Megan Willburn Political Science, English
Member Mallorie Sckerl Psychology, English
Member Unyoh Mbilain Global Studies
Member Austin Gaines Political Science, Communication Studies
Workgroup 3: Policies, Procedures, & Practices
Co-Chair Sarah O'Neill Law
Co-Chair Roni Miller Spanish, Political Science
Member Danielle Berger Natural Resource Sciences
Member Zoe McDonald English
Member Hannah Cass Economics
Member Emma Krab Journalism, English
Member Meyri Ibrahim Politcal Science
Member Alec Miller Psychology
Member Abagail Lim Journalism
Member Mar Lee English, Global Studies
Member Daniela Asplin English, Spanish